Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

The Town of Harrietstown owns and operates the Adirondack Regional Airport.  The FBO is the service center for aircraft at the airport.  In the early days of aviation in the United States, there were no airports.  "Barn-stormers" were pilots who performed aerobatic shows and landed in farmer's fields, moving across the country as traveling performers.  Mechanics and flight instructors followed  the shows, offering their services.

As aviation matured, airports were built and businesses sprang up around them.  Repair stations, flight instructors, charter operations, and fuel suppliers could now be found consistently at these "fixed bases."  When the first regulations were written by the federal Civil Aeronautics Board (predecessor of the FAA) it was deemed necessary to distinguish between those who were offering business services at a fixed base and those who were acting independently.  Thus, the term FBO was born.

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