Town Contacts

39 Main St.
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Town Office: 518-891-1470
Town Fax: 518-891-6265


Town Supervisor and Council
Michael Kilroy, Supervisor

Deputy Supervisor / Councilman Howard Riley

Councilwoman Patricia Meagher

Councilwoman Jordanna Mallach

Councilwoman Tracey Schrader


Town Clerk Patricia Gillmett
Phone:  518-891-1470

Deputy Clerk Colleen Harvey
Phone:  518-891-1470

Town Justice Ken McLaughlin
Town Justice Michael C. Bevilacqua
Town Justice Court Clerk Sabrina Harrison
Phone:  518-891-4500
Fax: 518-891-1136
Town Court Hours: Monday's 3:00PM

Tax Collector Patty Gillmett
Deputy Tax Collector Colleen Harvey
Phone:  518-891-1470

Airport Manager Corey Hurwitch
Phone:  518-891-4600
Fax: 518-891-0870  
Cell:  518-637-7329

Bookkeeper Beth Bevilacqua 
Phone: 891-1470 x 104

Assessor Marten Tichenor
Phone:  518-891-0436
Fax:  518-891-9020

Code Enforcement Officer / Zoning Edwin K. Randig

Phone:  518-891-0202
Fax:  518-891-9020
Cell: 518-524-0487

Superintendent of Highways Craig Donaldson
Deputy Highway Superintendent Joe DeFuria
Town Garage Phone:  518-891-4100
Fax:  518-891-6452
Cell:  518-572-7548 (Craig Donaldson)

Town Attorney James Maher

Phone:  518-891-4671